Friday, March 30, 2012

Android testing with monkeyrunner - a monkeyrunner tutorial

This is what you have been waiting for .. A simple tutorial about all the things you need to know about monkeyrunner testing tool provided by android SDK.

What is monkeyrunner?
It is a tool which provides an API for writing programs that control an android device from outside of android code.

What you can do with monkeyrunner?
You can write python programs to test the applications on one or more devices and/or emulators. You can do following things and more with monkeyrunner.
  • Installs an application or test package
  • Runs an application
  • Send keystrokes or touch events to it
  • Take screen shots of the user interface
  • Store screen shots on your workstation
You can do all those things from your PC or laptop remotely.

Why monkeyrunner?
This is primarily designed to test applications and devices at the functional/framework level and for running unit/functional test suites.

What is unique about monkeyrunner?
Unique features of monkeyrunner includes
  • Multiple device control
  • Functional testing with screen capture
  • Regression testing - run an application against a particular result
  • Extensible automation
What is under the hood?
It uses Jython, an implementation of python that uses the Java programming language.

What is more on this tutorial?
 I will discuss more about running and configuring monkeyrunner in my next tutorial ...

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