Sunday, March 25, 2012

What is testing on Android?

android .. android .. android ...
it is almost one of the most famous names in the world right now. 50% of people who are chanting this word might not know actually what it is. But that is the way things happen in modern world. people are convinced to buy what the companies produced, without considering the real need of that product. that's enough for that.

Let's talk about the serious stuff. I hope you know what android is and what you can do with that. You came here to learn about testing on android. As a beginning i will introduce you the concepts as i have understood.

As you know, Android is a software stack which provides a kernel, set of libraries and a runtime, application framework and set of basic applications. (If it is too much, just ignore it. those are for completeness).

Testing on android platform can be done in several layers. (ex: kernel level, runtime level, application framework level and application level).

Within these set of tutorials i am hoping to discuss about testing on application and application framework layers.

Android has provided a good testing framework based on Junit framework used by the Java as the default testing enviornment. We can develop any kind of test with this framework. monkeyrunner and monkey are tools provided with android system for automated testing.

  • monkey tool - this is a tool which can be used to test an application against a random clicks on the application (Like hopper tool in Windows mobile)
  • monkeyrunner - this is a python based test tool which can be used run python scripts for testing android applications
Rather than these tools provided by the android framework, there is an open source testing framework. Which is known as Robotium and you can use this library to develop automated test cases for your application.

My next tutorial will discuss about constructing android  junit samples and robotium samples.

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